USA Tour
Photo by: Mark Hersch

These last 3 weeks it was an experience that is impossible to forget. Your kindness, your appreciation, your reception and warmth have made America our second home and it’s so hard for us to leave and say goodbye… There is an old wisdom that says that any man has to be able to answer one question with certainty: "Has the world or any part of it become any happier because I have been through it?" Well, I can say that there is no bigger pleasure then to play for all of you and bring smiles and joy to your faces - that makes us the happiest people on the planet! And we are going back home knowing that we have so many new dear friends who we want to see again and surprise and entertain with our music.

And this purpose alone makes our lives so much worth living! There is no way I can list all the «thank you’s» for this journey - to all those who first of all helped to organise our concerts, to those who came and travelled to our shows, to those who met us when we arrived and selflessly helped with anything needed, to those who helped to photograph and film, to those who followed us on Facebook and Youtube and believed in us, to those who helped in any way - this support is priceless and we would not have made it without you. You are our friends and new family! The future looks very bright and we are all very eager to come back! I hope that our project serves a bigger purpose to unite people all around the globe and bring us together in this wonderful joy of music. And I believe that together we can make it happen!

And of course, our gratitude goes to Chicago for their incredible creation and the inspiration they gave us!

Big hugs and kisses to all of you - we are close together even far distance away!

And see you soon!
(On behalf of the whole band)
P.S. We just arrived back home safe and well.

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